• The biggest 3-phase inverter manufacturer in the world

  • Years of experience as supplier of network energy solutions

  • Thanks to numerous innovations you are assured of high quality now and in the future




  • (photon test result:) A+/A+ at medium and high irradiation

  • European efficiency 98.6%

  • From 8 till 42 kW

  • 3 MPPT / 4 MPPT

  • Type 2 DC and AC surge protection devices integrated

  • No need of an external fan, because of natural cooling technology

  • Outdoor application of IP-65


  • Extensive possibilities for remote monitoring

  • Fault detection and string intelligent monitoring

  • Software updates, system resets and adjustments from your office

  • RS 485 and USB port for connectivity and data management


Huawei Smart PV

Huawei is already for years a leading player in the market of the telecom industry. The company has 170,000 employees and activities all over the globe. The company is a major supplier of ICT solutions in more than 140 countries . 1/3 of the global population communicates using equipment made by Huawei. The inverters of Huawei are based on twenty years of experience in energy supply. Within a few years after the start of the inverter production Huawei is already leader in the field of PV-inverters. Both average and high irradiation get the highest score. The inverters have an European efficiency of 98.3% and include ac/dc surge protection.

Market share
European efficiency
Employees B2B (76,000 of the 170,000) 44.71%
Fortune global 500 (228 v.d. 500) 54.4%
Huawei global network 33.3%
Huawei SUN2000 omvormers

Huawei is the partner for PV-projects from medium till large scale. The portfolio consists of three phase inverters from 8 till 42 kW. For bigger inverters Huawei offers MV inverters. The inverters have two trackers (8 kW and 12 kW). The new inverters even have four MMP-trackers (36 Kw and 42 kW) and due to a high degree of protection the inverters can be used outside. In 2018 Huawei will introduce 1-phase inverters for the market. Then the inverters will also be available for private projects.