Brief summary of current market situation

Global PV inverter shipments in the second half of 2016 are forecast to decrease by 15% from the first
•Due to a slowdown in Japan and China following FiT decreases; and to developers pushing out projects in the United States following the extension of the Investment Tax Credit in the United States
•Although PV inverter shipments are forecast to increase by 9% in 2017, IHS forecasts that there will be considerable price pressure across all power ratings in the next 6–12 months, given the short-term slowdown in global demand.
Most leading PV inverter suppliers have now released 1500V inverters expecting a surge in demand in 2017.
•For example, IHS forecasts that 1500V technology will account for over 50 percent of three-phase high-power (>99kW) inverter shipments in 2017 in the United States

Leading PV inverter suppliers continue to release new and updated three-phase string inverters targeting the commercial and utility-scale market.
•IHS forecasts over 9GW of three-phase string inverters will be shipped to the utility-scale market globally in 2016.
•This trend is being heavily driven by leading Chinese suppliers such as Sungrow and Huawei.

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